About Us
Nanolab Diagnostic & Biomedical Research Center (NDRC) was founded in 2010 and is driven by the philosophy to provide high quality accurate tests/ outcomes at affordable prices to the masses. It is known for maintaining ethical standards of the highest order synonymous with 'Truth' and each and every member of 'Team Nanolab' follows immaculate value system. We provide superior quality diagnostics services to its customers through a very efficient network of labs and collection points.
Being empathetic to our customers and being committed to their needs is embedded deep within our DNA. Nanolab has grown to harness a culture that is open, synergistic, progressive and scientific in nature. Division of Biomedical Research (DBR) was established in order to fulfill the current requirements for scientific research and offer even more opportunities for budding researchers to keep up with global advances in sciences.
Vision & Mission
To emerge as a formidable international player in providing robust, accurate and cost effective diagnostic services across all stratas and a force to reckon in the world of biomedical and clinical research.
Enhancing levels of patient care through high quality lab investigations. To pioneer and bring the latest diagnostic techniques to the deserving population. To emerge as a world class research laboratory in providing young scientists a unique opportunity in modern science and technology innovations that will best serve the world and betterment of mankind. Move ahead through national and international joint research initiatives to achieve global excellence.
Serving society and mankind by means of having innovative technologies and advanced development programs in the most wanted branches of biomedical and life science research. Encourage, support and provide necessary facilities and seed money through funded R&D Projects to carry out research activities.
  • New generation Clinical Laboratory cum Biomedical Research Center and one-stop door to access high quality health care and research services.
  • Equipped with fully automated and sophisticated instruments to provide fast, accurate results with high standard as per SOP.
  • Owned & operated by experienced post-doctoral scientists.